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Friends’ Adventures

Here is a selection of the lastest updates from my friends who are also out galavanting around the world.

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    • Meeting Bart Simpson March 19, 2018
      My flight from Chicago to Panama City was relatively uneventful (although the flight attendants were a little stingy on the cocktails!). I had a just a short layover in Panama City, just enough time to check out the Sunday happenings …read more
    • The Next Phase…. March 19, 2018
      It’s been a rough few months at my job, having way more projects than a single person could handle.  I kept pushing on, trying to do my best.  Unfortunately, at that velocity, it was bound to catch up with me, …read more
    • Mt Ijen May 30, 2017
      I was staying at a hotel approximately 90 minutes from the carpark, so we had an early start of 1am….eeeks! Obviously with a 3am start-time for the hike, I can’t really see much except the few feet my torch is …read more
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    • Back in the USA June 7, 2012
      At the beginning of last month, I moved back to the US from the Netherlands, so this will likely be the final post of The Bossche Blog. Or at least the first installment of perhaps a series of wrap-up/recap/reflection posts. It's been 2.5 years since my girlfriend and I first packed our suitcases to the […]
    • Back in Bier December 7, 2011
      Bock-staticYou'd think that with the somewhat recently updated, seemingly more user-friendly blog post-creation format, that I'd have more regular updates on this blog. Well, there's plenty of proof already that that's not the case. Though I have been writing posts for friend's blog for the last six consecutive weeks. I guess when there's a deadline […]
    • Untitled October 26, 2011
      The fox trying to match the mouse's fleetnessI read tonight that Robin Pecknold is 11 months younger than I am. Man. Sometimes, I wonder if I shouldn't have just studied and gone to swim practice less in high school, and learned to play guitar and form a folk rock band instead. Additional discovery of the […]
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