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Friends’ Adventures

Here is a selection of the lastest updates from my friends who are also out galavanting around the world.

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    • Wondering in Cartagena March 23, 2018
      I really didn’t have much of a plan.  I just needed to get away and I knew things would fall into place. I attempted to wake up early for a run, but as the alarm went off at 7am (after …read more
    • First beers in Cartagena March 23, 2018
      With less than 2 weeks notice before I departed for Cartagena, I really hadn’t done much research.  The evening I arrived (which was around 11pm) I asked if there was somewhere I could go to grab a beer after I …read more
    • One of those great nights…. March 23, 2018
      You know those nights when you just don’t ever want to forget….or let go of?  Tonight was another one of those for me. I had a nice day in Cartagena. I had an AMAZING ceviche a few days before, and wanted …read more
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    • Back in the USA June 7, 2012
      At the beginning of last month, I moved back to the US from the Netherlands, so this will likely be the final post of The Bossche Blog. Or at least the first installment of perhaps a series of wrap-up/recap/reflection posts. It's been 2.5 years since my girlfriend and I first packed our suitcases to the […]
    • Back in Bier December 7, 2011
      Bock-staticYou'd think that with the somewhat recently updated, seemingly more user-friendly blog post-creation format, that I'd have more regular updates on this blog. Well, there's plenty of proof already that that's not the case. Though I have been writing posts for friend's blog for the last six consecutive weeks. I guess when there's a deadline […]
    • Untitled October 26, 2011
      The fox trying to match the mouse's fleetnessI read tonight that Robin Pecknold is 11 months younger than I am. Man. Sometimes, I wonder if I shouldn't have just studied and gone to swim practice less in high school, and learned to play guitar and form a folk rock band instead. Additional discovery of the […]
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