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Map of Greece

Posted by Sa Wat Dema in Greece
June 24th, 2005

A cool interative version of this map is located at:


If I were Indiana Jones, you would see a little red line charting my progress as I traveled through the cyclades, dodecanese, ionian, and maybe sporades islands, then on to Italy.

(That red line would represent emtpy Ouzo bottles.)

We are sailing from Santorini to Paros. This map doesn’t show it, but there are dozens of islands in between, and I’m sure tons of ridiculousness!

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  1. It was April, 1990. I was in training for the US Olympic team. My sport: Greco-Roman wrestling. My wife and I didn’t have a perfect marriage. Maybe I didn’t understand her needs. She definitely didn’t understand my passion for wrestling. She didn’t understand why Brian, my wrestling partner and I trained constantly. She didn’t understand the thrill any man would feel after grabbing a big husky guy like Brian and pinning him down the ground until he squirms and squeals like a little piglet.

  2. Are you guys lost at sea?

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