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Posted by Jason del Sur in Greece
June 30th, 2005

The Changing of the Guard . Notice the funny balls on the feet.

Brian in front of the Parthenon looking suave.

3 Responses to “ Pictures ”

  1. Thanks for the pictures fellas. Keep the updates coming. I have a few questions.

    Are you using your the Greek you learned?

    Has there been one specific moment when you felt the history around you?

    Do you see much Religion? Muslim, Greek Orthodox?

    If you were in a crowded area and yelled “I’M AN AMERICAN, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT,” what would happen?

  2. As we celebrate our independence from British rule, I hope you two are doing your part to become independent from coherent thought (ah-hem: where’s the ouzo count, fellas?!)

  3. I know what the Greeks are thinking… They are thinking, uh oh, Jason and Brian are here… “those the guys that took our jobs, we must get back in the pile” I’m telling you, that is what they are thinking. Merry Day of July Independence in America!

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