2019 - Sabbatical

January 24, 2019–March 17, 2019

Melbourne Adventures

March 17, 2019
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Lest you all be worried about my state of mind, all is well. It just took me a moment to adjust to the balance. I was still in a slightly nebulous purgatory halfway between work and holiday. But a solid weekend of exploring helped balance things out: the weekend was holiday and the workday was normal life (just in a slightly different setting). Plus, three day weekends are always great! Plus… Read more
Three brightly colored huts rise from the beach. What goes on in a bathing box? One can only wonder.

Netherworld Down Under

March 3, 2019
Melbourne VIC, Australia
I wrote this a week ago, but never got it posted. Better late than never. It’s now been over a week since I set out on this endeavor. Oddly, though, it is not the adventure I anticipated. I suppose it’s because I’m in a kind of netherworld floating somewhere between vacation and real life. Maybe it’s the lag of the entire day I lost getting here (I’m not talking about the day I spent in LA… Read more
From a high vantage point at the Shrine of Remembrance, looking out over a courtyard with the city of Melbourne's skyline filling the background.

Day 0.1

February 13, 2019
This was meant to be the first installment of my international adventures posted from Australia. Alas, I’m still in the states. The good news: rather than a connection in Auckland… Read more
A closeup of my fresh passport and my ORD to LAX to MEL tickets.

Sabbatical, or Farewell for a Year

January 24, 2019
Perhaps the greatest envy I have known has been directed towards those lucky ones who have traversed the globe on that adventure dubbed “Gap Year”. Or, since I’m an adult, I should probably call it by its more mature name “Sabbatical”. Sure, I have taken my share of peregrinations but never of such scale. The years have passed… Read more
From my previous trip to Melbourne, a view looking out over the cliffs on Great Ocean Road. Several spires rise out of the surf. There were once twelve, but over time, erosion has led several of them to collapse.