Budapest: A City in Love (or at least lust)

April 9, 2009 — Jason del Sur

At first I suspected it was simply because I was experiencing the first days of spring, but Jenny has since corroborated that it is a normal pastime, but if there’s anything the Budapestians love to do, it’s make out. Walking down the street, you can’t avoid seeing some couple sitting on a bench, usually the girl on the guys lap, completely engrossed in each other swapping some spit. Waiting for the bus with some time to kill, what do they do? make out. Lunch break: go to the park and make out. Sitting on the metro: make out. Outside of the VMAs—never mind, that’s something else. Not since the high school hallways have I seen this amount of PDA.

It could probably make a cool photo series, but I feel slightly uncomfortable snapping pics while a couple goes to town on each others’ tonsils. (To be fair, it’s not disgusting in the slobber all over the place eating face kind of way, it’s always very affectionate and tender. But every time I see it I do throw up in my mouth a little—but that could just be the jealousy.)

Update 1: On the walk from the park where I originally drafted this to the tram I counted 11 couples making out.

Update 2: I just discovered that Hungary recently broke the world record for “synchronized snogging” with over 6000 couples kissing at once in Budapest. See the video.

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