June 24, 2005–August 1, 2005

Finally some pictures

August 1, 2005
I suppose all good things must come to an end. Today is my first day back in the real world, and I must say, it’s nowhere near as awesome as Europe. Although I must say, the trip has changed me. It has made me far more likely to stay up until sunrise… Read more

Photo Update

July 26, 2005
Kerkira, Ionian Islands, Greece
I arrived safely into Chicago on Sunday evening. I pretty much spent yesterday recovering from jetlag and catching up on the Family Guys I missed. Today I’ve begun the process of getting my pictures into Ofoto and it’s not going quite as quickly as planned. That’s what happens when you have 530 pictures to go through, I guess. So in the meantime… Read more

Craziness in Corfu

July 23, 2005 — Sa Wat Dema
Kerkira, Ionian Islands, Greece
Hey everyone! Sorry for the long time since our last posting. We have been in transit a lot lately. We are actually in Rome now… Read more

Photo Update

July 16, 2005
Amorgos, South Aegean, Greece
I feel like Brian told enough of a tale to keep you entertained. So I’m just here with some pictures. Brian and I from our last day on the boat. The Monastary on Amorgos: The secluded beach on Donoussa requiring our trek along the goat paths on the side of the mountain (no nakedness here, sorry) And finally… Read more

Back from Mykonos

July 16, 2005 — Sa Wat Dema
Mykonos, South Aegean, Greece
Well, we have made it in and out of Mykonos, but only barely. Of all the islands we have been to, Mykonos is by far the most cosmopolitian, most trendy, and most expensive. The partying was great (what we can remember of it)… Read more


July 12, 2005
Amorgos, South Aegean, Greece
Hey everybody. We have so much to say and no time to say it. We are about to jump a ferry to Donousa, an island of about 110 people and as many donkeys. We are on a Morgos right now, which is beautiful. We rented a car and trekked to this amazing monastery stuck into a cliff. Things are going so great. I am really learning a lot about being Greek and life in the islands. Our captain… Read more

New Map

July 8, 2005
So I didn’t have time to make it very pretty (computer time is not cheap here), but here’s where we’ve been. From Athens to Santorini. To Ios, then Iraklia, the Koufonisi, and now in Paros for the next two days.

More Koufonisi

July 8, 2005
Amorgos, South Aegean, Greece
We have just arrived on the island of Paros. We had kind of a rough day today, two days of seeing the sunrise will do that to you. But we did meet some great Greek girls to spend the time with. They taught us some dirty words in Greek, and they laugh at our attempt to pronounce it. Everybody is very chill in the islands. No one rushes for anything… Read more

More Pictures

July 6, 2005
Thira, South Aegean, Greece
So I had some problems posting pictures from the particular computer I’m using on Koufonissi, so you can see some… Also from the island of Koufonissi, I have some pictures. From Athens, we took the overnight ferry to Santorini. It only took 12 hours. Here’s me from the beginning of the ferry: On Santorini… Read more