Madrid Photos

May 13, 2009 — Jason del Sur

Monday: I returned back to the hostel in Granada after a day exploring the city.  I began researching train tickets to return to Barcelona on my way to Torino. My initial plan consisted of taking the train back to Barcelona, spening a day there, then taking the train through Southern France with a stop off in Montpiller or Nice. After discovering the train takes significantly longer than planned and knowing I needed to be in Torino by Thursday to meet my friends I began investigating other options. Upon looking up airfare and train schedules, Barcelona was out of the running. Based on price and timing, I would take the train up to Madrid, spend a day there and fly to Torino the following morning.

I apologize for the terseness that will probably be the rest of the posts from this trip. I am back home in Chicago and slowly making my way through my photos and stories of the last week and a half in Europe. Stay tuned for Torino and Firenze (Florence).

Here’s the awesomeness I saw in Madrid:

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