Back from Mykonos

July 16, 2005 — Sa Wat Dema

Well, we have made it in and out of Mykonos, but only barely. Of all the islands we have been to, Mykonos is by far the most cosmopolitian, most trendy, and most expensive. The partying was great (what we can remember of it), but it was a hard adjustment to go from islands where we where the only americans to absolute craziness with the jet set crowd. The beaches were just about what we expected of them -what with names like Paradise beach and Super Paradise beach (although, Super Paradise is actually a bad name because it is definitely more of a sub-paradise beach considering the extensive amount of naked dudes there). Speaking of nude beaches, Jason and I have gone in the buff twice - once on a crazy beach in Koufonisia, and once on the this out of the way beach we had to hike like 3 hot hours to filled with ridiculous hippies living in tents on Donousa island. Again, things can get a bit hazy in these islands. Just before we met Derek in Mykonos, Jason and I trekked all over Donousa (this tiny but VERY mountainous island) and after walking down litterally a goat path for an hour, we got to a totaly secluded beach. It was like something out of the movies. Unfortuntely we were not looking for secluded beaches (they tend to have less barely clothes females), but it was still an accomplishment.

Right now we are in Athens waiting to take a bus to Corfu and a stay at the famous pink palace hostel. I know it sounds a little wierd, but look it up on the internet and you will see how ridiculous this place is.
Yesterday in Mykonos we went to the sacred island of Delos. It is supposedly the largest open-air archaeological site in the world. It was very impressive, exspecially considering the very massive waves and very small boat we took to get over there. Derek nearly got washed overboard several times. Until we showed a few hours ago, we were all covered in salt and brine. Yarrr! I guess we really are becoming pirates.

We have been awake for basically two days straight after getting kicked out of our hotel in Mykonos about 10 am yesterday and an all night ferry back to Athens. The ferry was all right considering we played cards with these Italian highschool girls all night. Apparently they only understood about 5% of what we were saying, but they were very good at Rummy none the less. You should have seen Derek trying to communicate to us that the fact that one of them wanted to go to medical school to be a Gynecoligist. We are currently hanging out at a backpacker hostel in athens. This morning, we searched the city to find this music store where I could by some Greek clarinet sheet music. We found the store, and I think I found some music, but it is all in Greek, so I really have no idea. I must say that I feel much more Greek and not so out of place this time around in Athens. We don’t look nearly as much like tourists, and our Greek is much better. It is amazing how different you feel when you start to really know a place and try to think like a local. If the local Greeks stare at every girl that walks by (which they do), then I think we are pretty much set.

anyway, see you in Corfu.

Dema the greek

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