Craziness in Corfu

July 23, 2005 — Sa Wat Dema

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long time since our last posting. We have been in transit a lot lately. We are actually in Rome now, but I will try to put up a couple of posts about our adventures.

Corfu is an island on the west side of Greece. It is beautiful with Venetian architecture and huge piazzas where the entire city seems to walk and drink coffee at night. Corfu is also basically backpacker party central. Every able-bodied British, Australian, American, Italian, Spanish (oh Spanish girls are ridiculous) budget traveller somehow finds their way to this one hostel there called the Pink Palace. We stayed there two nights which was long enough to forget there is an outside world. There were actually people that stayed there so long they ended up working there. There was of course a booze cruise involving cliff jumping, sea cave exploring, swimming, and excessive boozing. Unfortunately the girl to guy ratio on our particular trip was like 5 to 1, so we refer to the experience as the dudes cruise. It was fun none the less. This hostel has rooms for 900 people and throughs a party in its own banquet hall every night. Drinks were 8 shots for 5 euros. Ridiculous. they are able to afford that buy mixing very suspicious alcohols together and by going sparse on things like towels and working toilets. That has been the general trend for the hostels we have been in since greece. Greece was so easy to find a place –you would get off the ferry at whatever island and anyone with a room to rent would come meet you at the boat. Sometimes it was a bit frantic, but it was always cheap and nice (if you don’t mind not flushing paper down the tiolet, yeah that is how it is all over the country).
After Corfu, we took a very long ferry across to Brinidisi, Italy. From there we took a quick train to Naples…

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