Photo Update

July 26, 2005 — Jason del Sur

I arrived safely into Chicago on Sunday evening. I pretty much spent yesterday recovering from jetlag and catching up on the Family Guys I missed. Today I’ve begun the process of getting my pictures into Ofoto and it’s not going quite as quickly as planned. That’s what happens when you have 530 pictures to go through, I guess.

So in the meantime, here’s a few to tide you over: Brian and Derek about to cliff jump on the Booze Cruise (read Dude’s Cruise)

It doesn’t look so bad here, but I promise, the dudes are just out of frame.

Here’s the three of us in front of the forum in Pompei.

And since it’s wouldn’t be Pompei without the creepy plaster casts of people, here you are…

Now for Brian and Derek in front of the Coluseum preparing for gladatorial combat (or hitting on women with their eyes closed):

And the Fountain of Trevi where we threw money and made wishes to all find hot Italian girls:

I’m going to continue getting all my photos together, and I’ll post a link once I’m done.

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