When in Rome!

July 23, 2005 — Sa Wat Dema

Oh, Rome! I see why people love italy so much, they actually love Roma! The city is so amazing, everything is so close together, it is easy for tourists, and the sights can’t be beaten. I’ll give you a few highlights: Derek being an oompa-loompa after a very american frat-party like pub crawl, me almost getting us kicked out of a hostel after said pub crawl, trowing coins into the Trevi fountain, me being addicted to gelati and having had it for breakfast and lunch the last two days (it is so different from our ice cream, it is refreshing, light, and awesome), the Sistene chapel, the incredible St Peter’s Basillica with Michelangelo’s Pieta, buying a cheap Vatican pen to write postcards from the Vatican, that same pen exploding in the pocket of my only pants a few hours later, crazy Pope pictures everywhere (the new pope being not at all photogenic compared to John Paul), Derek (otherwise known as Mr Wizard) helping me to use hairspray to get the ink out completely, crazy idols at the Vatican museum containing teeth and bones of random saints, being rushed quickly by Pope John Paul’s tomb, climbing like a billion stairs to the top of St Peter’s cupola just because we were standing in the wrong line, seeing the colloseum and imaging how many people died there, commenting on the physique of basically every Italian girl we have seen walk at all above mentioned sights, sitting on the spanish steps waiting for the pub crawl (*see last statement), walking past the Rome Lambogini dealership, more gelati, an incredible meal for Jason the Greek’s last night in Italy before he flew to London, more gelati, eating sandwhichs from an incredible deli next to the trevi fountain, contemplating buying these awesome italian suits with big neck ties and having it shipped home (I just may before we leave) more gelati. Ridiculous. I would come back to Rome in a second. The tradition here is to throw 2 coins in the Trevi fountain, using one to make a wish, and the other to wish for your return. Well, I threw whole euro coins just to make sure.

Anyway, it is down to Derek the Bloody turk and myself. We are booked on a train to Nice, France tonight. I know there is so much of Italy still to see, but derek really wants to make it to Barcelona and I really want to see lots of Spain myself (again the Spanish girls are the prettiest we have seen, followed by Greek, and Italian *Que Bella!) Derek says he has become an expert in the european tradition of staring at girls and not looking away when they notice you. He also has done his hair in a Fohawk which is incredibly popular here. Hopefully he won’t seem like too much of a pervert when we get home. Mullets are also popular as well, by the way. And sometimes you see the Fohawk /mullet combo, which is really something, let me tell you.

Anyway, see you all in France!! Don’t forget to comment on the blog (although the trip is awesome, I do have brief moments of homesickness between gelatis). Jason will be putting up pictures soon. See you all in 2 weeks!


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