Brian in Bangkok

October 3, 2006 — Sa Wat Dema

It is official - I am in Bangkok. I arrived about midnight last night (which was Monday night here) and it is about 10:00 on Tuesday now. I already have no idea what time it is at home. 20 hours on three different flights will do that to you.

As for Thailand, this place is definitely very different from home. I have only just begun exploring this morning, but just from the array of sights, smells, street vendors selling everything from fresh orange juice to what looks like fried fish paste, tuk-tuk drivers (basically motorcycles with two back wheels and a couple benches of seats) constantly asking “where you go”, crazy traffic, and temples everywhere –this place is pretty amazing.

Adam should be arriving this evening at about midnight. Till then I am on my own –I’ll probably check out some of the famous Wat (buddhist temples) around town because they are free to enter on Tuesdays. One of the most famous has a 45 meter high golden Buddha.

Thanks to everybody for tuning in to our first posts. And thanks to Jason for the new, slightly creepy blog template with a very large photo of my face. See if you can work a shot of Adam in when we get a few.

Sa Wat Dee (hello / goodbye), everybody!


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