Brian at the Full Moon Party

October 9, 2006 — Tuk Tuk Reagan

The Full Moon rose over Hat Rin Beach. 5,000 people from around the world desended, stuffing the beach with dancing, drunken bodies. I walked to the end of the beach, climbing the rocks for the view.

Tranced music blasted along the beach and the sand crawled. Noen lights lit the water, and flames climbed into the sky.

Locals serve buckets: 1 can sprite, 2 redbull, 1 pint of vodka or rum. Backpackers sip through clustered straws.

Americans were very few. We smiled and drank with Isreali, Irish, Sweedish, German, South African.

I was seporated from the group, so I wondered the beach past drunken boys relieving into the waves, and random bodies curled up in the sand. A Irish guy pored an entire beer in the sleeping ear of his friend.

I caught a motorcycle taxi back to my bungalow at 5 as the sun rose of the caos. I slept in my hammock with ringing ears.

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