Adventure Works

August 22, 2014 — Jason del Sur

My last post on this blog was July 9, 2012. Over two years ago. That is simply unacceptable. Part has been a lack of international travel, and part has been that I got so far behind on the South America trip that the thought of catching up became too daunting. But it’s time to get back on that horse and make a change.

I was recently inspired by two things to get this blog up to date:

A couple weekends ago, I flew out to Oklahoma for my grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary. There I was praised by my family and friends for the blog, and that they missed it. It was crazy to meet people for the first time who knew me so well through my words and pictures. This has inspired me to catch up on the South America trip (and the subsequent Paris trip). They’ll be shorter posts as I want to get them out quickly (and my memory of the details has somewhat faded). I have the next three lined up, and more in the works.

The second thing, which I am taking this opportunity to announce: my next adventure in Brazil. This Sunday night (after a camping sojourn to the magical land of Spotted Cow, New Glarus, WI), I will journey below the equator and  once again relish in the beauty of the Southern Cross. This will be a different kind of trip: I’ll only be in a couple places, and will be working for a large portion of it. As part of a “developer exchange program” that my company has been working on I will be in São Paulo working out of the office of Platformatec, a consulting shop similar to Table XI where I work. I’ll also be attending RubyConf a software development conference with the fine Platformatec folk.

I’ll be in São Paulo for two weeks, which will be the longest I’ve stayed in any one international city. I’m excited to really experience the city in a much more intimate way that can only be experienced through a prolonged residency. There will be a third week that will be solely vacation. I’m still finalizing details of that week, but will include a stop in Belo Horizonte to visit a friend and check out live music.

And just because I love this picture of my grandparent:


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