Una Boda Magnifica

April 20, 2009 — Jason del Sur

“You may now high five the bride,” the “minister” said as the ceremony concluded.

The weather that day was odd. Rained early in the morning, sunny until 1, then rain again. Luckily it stopped and held out long enough for the ceremony. A ceremony unlike anything I’ve seen before. Ikea curtains held down with champagne for seats. Readings from Ben Folds and Richard Dawkins celebrating their luck at being alive and having found each other. A ceremonial slingshot fired across the park. Champagne glasses left unused as more efficient methods won out.

A bus ride around the city taking us to the top of the hill overlooking the city. Dinner at an amazing restaurant overlooking the see. Miramar. Sea view. Ashley and Thom dancing like only Ashley and Thom can. Losing a stepping battle to a Brit dancing Flamenco. Utter silliness on the dancefloor as no one present really knows how to dance to Bring it On Home.

Afterparty at the flat.

After after party at the club.

Seven AM.

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