In the islands!

July 6, 2005 — Sa Wat Dema

July 6, 2005 Koufonissi islands, Greece. Sorry for the long time between posts but we have been in some of the smallest islands you could ever imagine. Our sailing trip started 3 days ago and we have gone farther and farther from civilization. We went to Ios, which is a really big party island, but we were moored off of this tiny village with like one restaurant. Everywhere we go has maybe 1 or 2 fish taverna, about a hundred little churches, and lots of secluded beaches. Some Greeks we met said that it is a thing of honor for a Greek family to build a little church on their property to show their independence from Turkey and to honor their ancestors. As for our sailing trip, we have a full boat with 8 people and a captain named Satiris who is exactly like a Greek charter captain should be: he has a ridiculous tan, lots of Tattoos, and seems to know someone at every island we stop at. It is a pretty good group, but I am one of the only sailors so I have been doing a lot of the work, which is fine with me. We went first to Ios, then to a tiny island called Iraklia which was my favorite. We went looking for this cave that was supposed to be the original home of some sacred religous painting icon, but we could never find it and we walked over the whole island in the dark (with some Greek highschool girls that got in major trouble when they got back to their parent’s boat. Nothing happened, but we thought we might have to make a quick gettaway!)
The ferries are everywhere. They are much bigger than you might think, especially when you are tied up at their spot and you see them barring down on you! The fish here is great (Octopus is the best thing ever!), ouzo is incredibly cheap, and Greek beer is good (Mythos is the best and Alpha sucks). Right now we are on this tiny island called Kiffounisia, which is actually made of two very small islands. We walked all around it finding one nude beach after another.
I have no idea what day it is. And no idea of our planned itinterary. We are actually to stay here tomorrow night, but will go to one of the other little islands during the day. After that, it will be whereever the wind takes us. By the way, Feta is also awesome here, and each village has its own version.

Anyway, I hope all is well at home. Our plan is still to meet up with Derek The Bloody Turk in Mykonos, which should be crazy. We will also be going to the Pink Palace hostel in the Ionion islands (Corfu) (check it out, = ridiluous) after that.

See you all in August!


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