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July 6, 2005 — Jason del Sur

So I had some problems posting pictures from the particular computer I’m using on Koufonissi, so you can see some…

Also from the island of Koufonissi, I have some pictures. From Athens,
we took the overnight ferry to Santorini. It only took 12 hours. Here’s me from
the beginning of the ferry:

On Santorini, we were accosted by many a Greek person trying to rent
us a room. We ended up going with our new friend George, who works
the open air cinema next door, and would “I get you in for free”
(heavy Greek accent, of course). A beautiful place, unfortunately down
some very confusing alleyways from the main area of town. And yes, we
would get lost many a time coming home from the bars.
But there were some nice sites along the way:

The beaches are amazing, every one different. Some have black sand, some set against red cliffs.

As my internet time runs out… A view of sailing:

And on the island of Iraklia, we took a long walk in search of the so called “Caves.” Of course we never found them even after probably close to 3 miles of walking in the dark. But we got a nice view of the sunset:

Hopefully I will have more time to post some pictures tomorrow, but the Ouzo may disagree.

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