More Koufonisi

July 8, 2005 — Jason del Sur

We have just arrived on the island of Paros. We had kind of a rough day today, two days of seeing the sunrise will do that to you. But we did meet some great Greek girls to spend the time with. They taught us some dirty words in Greek, and they laugh at our attempt to pronounce it.

Everybody is very chill in the islands. No one rushes for anything, they don’t rush you from your table when you’re done eating. They won’t even bring you the bill until you ask for it. Especially on many of the small islands, the locals are kind of upset about all the development going on. In Koufonisi, you have to walk about 30 minutes to the closest beach. By next year they’re planning on getting taxis. They like having the small islands secluded and not touristy. In fact, we did not meet a single American tourist on the island. The most common scenario was people from Athens on vacation.

Two nights ago, we really got a chance to get to know the captain. We drank with him at the bar, and them moved to the beach for some more beer and hanging out. You could almost call it a bonding experience. He did tell us we were doing the trip the right way, really experiencing Greece. Staying out late and meeting the Greek people. In his words, you can read a book at home. If you want to experience, you have to do. And then we passed out because it was 8:30 in the morning. Here’s a picture from that morning.

You’ll see the captain looking off into the sunrise:

And here’s one of us pulling into Pori beach on Koufonisi:

Near the beach, there’s a great cove for diving. Completely secluded. You can even swim under the rocks and get to the outside. And of course, I hit my head on the rocks. It hurts.

Today in Paros, there’s a nice quiet beach where the mud has exfoliating properties. So here’s us as mudpeople:

Here’s a picture of us walking on the beach with our new friend Alex in Ios:

The last two pictures were taken by our friend Ewen. He’s a professional photographer, so I’ll get more pictures from him before the sailing trip is over.

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