Fuji is One Fickle Yama

November 2, 2006 — Jason del Sur

For the first time since Monday I have internet access and a new camera and some cool new pictures. And of course, I don’t have my cable to connect the camera to the computer. Awesome.
I am currently at a Manga cafe in Tokyo. A Manga Cafe is a giant complex where each person has their own booth with a computer and a Playstation. Then there’s shelves and shelves of comics and video games. Appearently this is where a lot of Japanese kids will hang out until 5am after missing the last train.

I spent the day down in Fuji Go-ko, or Fuji Five Lakes. It’s about two hours west of Tokyo and supposedly offers some of the nices views of Mt. Fuji. Before this trip I had my heart set on scaling Fuji, reaching the top at dawn for a spectacular sunrise. However, when I asked the guy at the tourist information center I wanted to climb it today and wanted to know how cold it was, he and the other workers there just laughed at me. You theoretically can do it this time of year, but it’s very dangerous, and none of the huts for resting and eating along the way are open. So in the end I was talked out of climbing, but still going down to the lakes for some Fuji viewing.

And of course, the weather was bad, it was very cold and very cloudy–actually, quite a good thing I didn’t try to climb it today. So I only got one clear view of Fuji all day from the bus, and I didn’t have time to get my camera out. But it’s a damn impressive mountain.

And this just means I have to come back to Japan and climb it during climbing season.

But the good thing about today was I made it to the Tsukiji fish market, although not as early as I would like, thanks to Jenny Tison, Geronimo’s, and Jack Daniels. And I do thank you for it, even if you will never be a champion professional hopscotch player, Jenny. And I may have to get myself on the wall without you.

I will post a description of the insanity that is Tsukiji when I am able to post some pictures.

Last night was a Roppongi night, and it was good, so tonight might have to be one as well.

p.s. yama is Japanese for mountain.

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