October 30, 2006–November 21, 2006

You had me at Western Style

November 21, 2006
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
So I started this post in Japan, but never got around to finishing it. And now it’s two weeks since I’ve been home, and there are certain things I miss. I’m not sure if this is one of them… I apologize in advance for the graphic nature of this post, but it’s something about Japan that merits mentioning. First off… Read more

An Adventure Ends

November 7, 2006
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
I landed safely at O'Hare International Airport yesterday morning. Through a miraculous disturbance in the space-time continuum and/or the international date line, I arrived in Chicago 3 hours before I left Tokyo. Of course, the effect on my body was compounded from staying out all night in Roppongi the night before. A day later… Read more

Sounds Kind of Fishy

November 3, 2006
Chuo, Tokyo, Japan
Yesterday morning I awoke bright and early (well, as I said before, not as early as hoped, but still early) and I headed to Tsukiji fish market. This is the largest fish market in the world where hundreds of tons of fish come in every morning. They have giant auctions for the best fish. Those happen around 5am, so of course I missed out on that. All the guidebooks say it’s best before 8am… Read more

Fuji is One Fickle Yama

November 2, 2006
Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
For the first time since Monday I have internet access and a new camera and some cool new pictures. And of course… Read more

Too Much Tofu

October 30, 2006
Ito District, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Yesterday is best presented as a haiku: Five thirty a. m. There’s no hangover today A monk at my door. Two days ago I awoke with a a raging hangover from Halloween festivities and a missing camera. I was going to Koyosan for the evening, so I knew it would be a relaxed day. In Koyosan, a small mountain town about two hours south of Osaka… Read more

I Left My Camera in Dotambori

October 30, 2006
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
It’s true. My camera is lost amongst the craziness that is Dottambori in Osaka. Unfortunately that means that all of my pictures from Phuket and Osaka are no more. Brian, do your best to get pictures from the wedding from the other Jason. I have a lot to say about Japan, and I feel like it will be best as multiple posts… Read more