Quite Cordial Run-in with the Bobbies

July 1, 2010 — Jason del Sur

I’m pretty sure in all of my travels I’ve never missed a flight. A missed connection, sure, but never because I got to the airport late. That all changed today.

After some dinner at the pub we decided the easy thing to to do would be to buy some wine at the Tesco and go back to Yari’s place. What we arrived to, however was quite unexpected. They have an awesome patio area for all the flats in the complex. At midnight we were expecting to have it to ourselves. But instead there’s a gaggle of college girls from Florida State and a shirtless resident (it was a dude, don’t get too excited) telling them to be quiet. After a minor confrontation, involving him calling one of us a c**t and then a maybe 19 year old kid, who obviously wanted to get into a fight, jumping in with “don’t call him a c***, call me a c***”. (normally I wounding shy away from profanity when it suits the story, but even I think that word is offensive).

After quieting down for a while, a huge group of kids showed up. They’re actually pretty quiet considering there are 15 of them. As they drink more, naturally, their volume goes up with their BAC. Then another angry resident showed up on the phone with the cops. That gets them to leave really quickly.

The bobbies show up and find four 27-30 year olds quietly enjoying some wine. We joke with the cops briefly before they leave, which as it is 2am becomes our cue to head home to bed. I love when the cops show up and then side with you.

Then the next morning, with a surprisingly mild hangover, I left Mickey’s place. About three stops into the Piccadilly Line, find out it’s broken. No trains going to Heathrow. Finally, after several transfers I made it to Heathrow, but 10 minutes before my plane was to take off. Fortunately, they didn’t charge me to get on the next flight, but it still came at the cost of several lost hours in Paris. More on Paris soon.

Creepiest street performer I’ve ever seen.

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