Florida and Now London

June 30, 2010 — Jason del Sur

After a wonderful weekend in the Florida Keys, I have just arrived in London. I have a couple pictures I’ve taken on my phone, and I’m uploading them here and to my flickr (see the photo bar across the the top of the blog). Once I get to an actual computer, I’ll load some vastly superior pics off my camera.

The Keys are pretty amazing. It blows my mind how thin many of them are. After watching the sun set on the west coast, just walk across the street and watch the moon rise in the east. While it was no Kho Panang, we did get to go to a full moon party (many more children, and far fewer buckets than a Thai full moon party) but there was a pretty cool band, fire spinners, and fireworks.

Other than that a lot of sleeping in and swimming in the ocean. My back is pretty sunburnt, and I’m thankful I have a few days to recover before I have to carry a backpack around.

To London, I was fortunate to get to fly first class. Because I was waiting on my friend Sarah’s work schedule, I wasn’t sure what we would be doing so so I didn’t know what airport I would be flying out of. But a few days ago, a bunch of first class seats opened up at a lower milage rate (using frequent flyer miles to get to and from Europe was the only way I could afford the airfare for this trip). It’s the best way to fly overseas. Got a couple glasses of wine (I’m still pissed American charges for booze in coach on international flights) then a fulling reclining seat made for a great overnight sleep here.

Time to head out to grab some lunch and meet up with my buddy Mickey and my friend Yari once they’re done with work.

Tomorrow: onward to Paris!

I think the oil got to this sad specimen

Smallest bar in the world (or at least in Key West)

First class!

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