A New Passport, A New Adventure

February 23, 2008 — Jason del Sur

I just received my new passport in the mail. As you might recall, it was time to renew my passport. After two big trips over the past couple months, I assumed it would probably be awhile before I would need my passport again. So I sent it off at the beginning of February, standard processing.

Ah, but standard processing might not be enough because of my susceptibility to spontaneous travel plans. Within two weeks of dropping my expiring passport into the mail, the phone call came.

“Want to go to Costa Rica for spring break in March?”

I work. I know you and your law school friends get two weeks off, but I don’t get spring break. I’m already taking off three days in early April to go out to San Diego with BTG. And a day a two weeks before to go to Vegas for a bachelor party. And I don’t have a passport. But Michelle already knew she could convince me. Had already convinced me; had me at “Costa Rica.” When it comes to traveling, everyone knows I’m a pushover. The cheap ticket price. The promise of getting out of this hellish Chicago winter. Margaritas, daiquiris on the beach. Costa Rica.

Two days later, I had expedited my passport application and booked my ticket. I believe it was this reason that convinced me: Because you’re NEVER too old for Spring Break.

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