Milford Sound

December 17, 2007 — Jason del Sur

You’d think after a while I’d get tired of looking at awesome stuff, but New Zealand doesn’t let you stop. It’s like you and God are battling it out in an endurance match. He’s trying to see how much beauty you can take and still go back home.

The next morning we woke up early in Te Anau. We had a 9:30am ferry ride and we were two hours away. Unfortunately, that left us very little time for stopping along the way. Not so much bathroom stops as “wow, look at that, it’s amazing” stops. We did make one quick stop at Lake Gunn:


(I took this photo upside down)

I have never seen any place like Milford Sound. Technically, it’s not a sound, it’s a fjord. A sound is a river delta that the sea has taken over. A fjord is carved by glaciers. Those silly English explorers were wrong. But next time you need to know the difference between a sound and a fjord you’ll be right.



We took a ferry ride out into the sound, all the way out to where it opened into the Tasman Sea. Looking up at the cliff walls, as perception of depth disappears. Looking up at the cliffs, we had little idea that the top was a mile above us. A person standing among the trees there would be imperceptible.

Gorgeous waterfalls. Beautiful snow-capped mountains. Bright blue sea. Seals sunning themselves (they might have been sea lions, I don’t remember). Even penguins swimming around. Have I mentioned how beautiful this place is? You should go.





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