Wanderlust Got Me Again

December 20, 2007 — Jason del Sur

I know many of you have been confused about me being back home. I am, in fact, back in Chicago. I’ve actually been home for about a week, but as I haven’t exactly been happy about being back to work and winter, I haven’t made a big to-do.

While I was in New Zealand I was too busy doing all the exciting things you’ve read about that I didn’t have time to write about them while I was there. That has forced me to write the posts from home to try to catch up. And I still have about two days worth of posts to write. That’s how awesome it was.

Now to the big news: it’s already time for another trip. My boss had previously decided to give us Monday through Wednesday off of next week for Christmas and Monday and Tuesday of the following week for New Year. We’ve also been looking to repaint and recarpet the office. This has led to us closing the office for all of next week. Naturally, all I could think about was going somewhere.

I’ve been thinking for a while on where to go, and today it finally came to me: London. I found out that a couple friends will be in London for New Years (completely independently, but they coincidentally are friends as well–I bring people together across the world). Ashley said I should go as well. That was all the coercion I needed. I called up Brian and talked him into it as well (he didn’t need much forcing, either). So now we have plane tickets and will once again be gallivanting across the ocean. This is definitely the most spur of the moment trip I’ve ever been on.

So be prepared for even more. And my plan is to get the last two days worth of photos and stories up before I leave for Atlanta for Christmas….

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