2009 - Europe

March 20, 2009–July 9, 2009

Una Boda Magnifica

April 20, 2009
Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
“You may now high five the bride,” the “minister” said as the ceremony concluded. The weather that day was odd. Rained early in the morning, sunny until 1… Read more

A Very Communist Day

April 20, 2009
Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
This will be a quick one so I can get to more recent events. One day in Budapest I went out to Memento Park where many of the old Communist statues that used to stand in the streets of Budapest now stand as a memorial to those that suffered under communism. After that… Read more

Budapest Pictures

April 13, 2009
Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
I was finally able to get my Budapest pictures uploaded. I’ll write more about that and the amazing wedding in Barcelona later when I’m not having to type on a non-english keyboard. Instead of QWERTY, it’s AZERTY, M is where the semicolon should be, etc. Currently location: Marrakesh. Arrival last night was one of the scarier experiences of my life… Read more

Budapest: A City in Love (or at least lust)

April 9, 2009
Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
At first I suspected it was simply because I was experiencing the first days of spring, but Jenny has since corroborated that it is a normal pastime, but if there’s anything the Budapestians love to do, it’s make out. Walking down the street, you can’t avoid seeing some couple sitting on a bench, usually the girl on the guys lap… Read more

Prague Summary and Pictures

April 8, 2009
Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
Very cheap: total spent, including lodging, less than $50/day. Definitely helps when every day is $1 beer night Recommendations: Reduta Jazz Club Prague Castle Sir Toby’s hostel (very clean, wonderful staff, great people, and an awesome pub in the basement) Kozel Beer (both the dark  and light) “Eiffel Tower” - You don’t have to pay the $2.50 fee to go to the top… Read more

China and Paris in Prague?

April 8, 2009
Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
We spent the next day visiting “Paris” and “China” in Prague. Several years ago, the city of Prague wanted to boost tourism and was wondering what Paris had that Prague didn’t. The answer: the Eiffel Tower. So within a couple years, they had erected a miniature version on Petrin Hill. The top of this mini-eiffel is the same height above sea level as the real Eiffel tower, therefore… Read more

Czech it out (sorry, couldn't resist)

April 7, 2009
Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
I would first like to apologize for my lack of posts so far. I have had limited internet access since getting to Budapest, and it’s been the first real days of spring here so there’s been plenty to see and do. But I did discover the magic of sitting in the park with my laptop writing (possibly with been in hand–ah… Read more

5 Words on Prague

April 1, 2009
Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
This one goes out especially to Pete and Lauren, inspired by their wedding request of 5 word messages: “Czech beer: cheaper than water.” Pictures to follow…

Excessive Epic-icity

March 20, 2009
Has it really been a year since I last left the country? According to my blog posts it has, and that is slightly depressing. It’s not as if I haven’t been busy, or even staying put. I went to the Kentucky Derby, Washington DC, Seattle, and Nashville/Chattanooga for weddings,  attended my 10 year high school reunion… Read more